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Belleville sewer and drain clogs

Regardless of the brand, product, or setup of your home’s sewer and drain pipes, we have the technical expertise required for a quality repair. For more information and get an estimate for your drain cleaning services or sewer rodding anywhere near Belleville, call us today.

Sewer Repair – Clogged Line

Few situations are really as stressful as a sudden leak in your home’s water or sewer pipes. Although you might see sewage or water spurting out or soaking through your walls, it’s often much more difficult to discover precisely where the problem actually is– or to know the best ways to repair it. Instead of struggling DIY solutions that might or might not work, entrust your sewer repair project to the most relied on plumbing service contractor!

For more than a decade, our company has solved the most critical sewer and pipe problems of households and businesses across our area. With a staff of fully licensed plumbers and 24/7 service schedule, your most difficult sewer repair situations are never too far from our fast and expert solutions.

What causes a stopped up drain?

A clogged drain is usually a result of the slow build-up of organic substances such as hair and grease on the inside walls of drain lines. In time, this buildup slows down the normal flow of water thru the line, similar to cholesterol in the bloodstream. When a clump of debris or a bunch of hair attempts to pass thru the pipe, it can become caught and totally block the outflow. The end result is a stopped up shower or sink drain.

How do you unclog a drain?

Even though a plunger can occasionally unblock minor obstructions, a tough or persistent clog will require a visit with one of our licensed plumbers who will use a tool called an auger (also called a “snake”). This indispensable tool works in a different way than a plunger does. Our plumber will thread the snake into the blockage and crank it to drive the snake deeper into the obstruction.

In other cases, the licensed plumber will use an electric snake, which has the power necessary to penetrate tough clogs. Snakes are very handy because they’re long enough to get to clogs that are stuck deep within a drain pipe and ultimately unclog the drain.

Are there any exceptions? Frequently a clogged sink, tub, shower or even toilet isn’t caused by debris in your home’s pipes (also called the secondary drains). Rather, the clog is the result of invading obstructions like tree roots in the sewer main drain pipe. If our plumber determines that the clog is caused by this kind of obstruction in the main sewer drain, it may require that we hydrojet the main line. While we try very hard to provide up front, transparent quotes, custom jobs like these will require us to give you a quotation for the work.

Some Typical Sewer Main Blockage Causes in Belleville

A sewer line blockage is the direct outcome of an object being flushed down the toilet or washed down the drain. Oftentimes, the item is a toy or toothpaste tube or any variety of things that may unintentionally drop into the toilet. The item may clear the toilet but can become caught or snagged within thesewer pipe.

Another problem area is the kitchen sink, especially sinks with garbage disposals.Homeowners often think it is all right to put all kitchen waste down the disposal. This isnot true– things which should never be placed into a garbage disposal include grease, any kind of oil and bones. All the aforementioned items can damage or stop up your home’s drain system. It just takes a small bit of bone to get trapped in your sewer line, grabbing onto other things as they go by, to develop a clog. Over time, what was a small blockage turns into a larger one, causing a total sewer line obstruction.

What Happens Next?

When your main sewer pipe becomes blocked, you will need the service of an experienced plumber. Minor obstructions can be gotten rid of by simply removing the sink’s P-trap and clearing out the debris. On the other hand, removing huge clogs that are located deeper in the drain line is more complicated. These types of blockages will require the plumber to use a power plumbing snake to reach and cut through the clog.

Sewage Damages

Contamination is a very real hazard and can cause by sewage leaks. If wastewater leaks into your home or office the space must be sanitized and decontaminated to stop growth of dangerous bacteria that can cause tentanus, Hepatitus A and Giardia. In time, sewer water damages can cause very serious health conditions especially in the elderly, kids and those who suffer from chronic respiratory complications.

Quickly finding the root cause of the blockage and leak in your drain and sewer pipes will prevent potential harm to your family’s health and your home.

We can help you with the following sewer and drain services 24/7:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Sewer line repair
  • Sewer line replacement
  • Video sewer inspections
  • Water line repair
  • Clogged kitchen and bathroom drains
  • Blocked toilet

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